• FreeGo Replacement Batteries In Stock!

    Stock of 10.4amp and 15.6amp FreeGo Batteries

    Freego batteries are now in stock, as well as various parts including thumb throttles, circuit boards, chargers and LCD displays. We have both the 10.4amp Freego battery and the 15.6amp Freego battery available. All are 36v and using Samsung battery cells. They are complete batteries in cases and suitable for all models, Eagle, Hawk, Regency and Folding bike models. They come complete with the rail and base to upgrade older versions of the previously mentioned models.

    Freego lithium battery for Eagle, Hawk, Regency and Folding models
    Freego battery now available in 10.4amp and 15.6amp capacities

    36v 10.4 Amp Battery

    • 36v 10.4amp Lithium battery
    • Suitable for all recent models
      Suitable for older models as supplied with rail and base plate
    • Samsung battery cells
    • FreeGo Hawk, Regency, Folding and Eagle models
    • SRP £349
    • 25-30 mile range**

    36v 15.6 Amp Battery

    • 36v 15.6amp Lithium battery
    • Suitable for all recent models
    • Suitable for older models as supplied with rail and base plate
    • Samsung battery cells
    • FreeGo Hawk, Regency, Folding and Eagle models
    • SRP £479
    • 40-50 mile range**
    Throttle suitable for Freego electric bikes, Wren, Regency and Folder

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  • Razor Electric Scooters Added to E-Fleet

    Powabyke add the Razor E-Prime Air Electric Scooter to it’s product range!

    Razor E-Prime Electric Scooter
    Razor E-Prime Air Electric Scooter

    Electric Scooters Are Increasingly Popular

    Comfort, performance, and style? The Razor E Prime Air premium electric scooter has it all! With a sleek, sophisticated design, 8” (200 mm), pneumatic front tire, and aluminum frame, the E Prime Air is perfect for commuting to work, running errands, (local laws will apply) or just riding around town.

    Thumb Activated

    A smooth ride, every time, simply activate the throttle to feel the power of the high-torque, brushless hub motor at speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km/h). Ride in comfort – and in style – for up to 40 continuous minutes on a single charge.

    Razor E-Prime Air Electric Scooter Side Stand

    Enjoy Your Razor Smile…!

    Featuring patent-pending, anti-rattle technology and adjustable-height handlebars, the E Prime Air gets every rider where they need to go with the electric efficiency you’ve come to expect from Razor. Comfort, speed, and style, the Razor E Prime Air has it all!

    Razor E-Prime Electric Scooter Folded Down
    Razor E-Prime Air Electric Scooter Folded Down
    • Motor: Kick-to-start, high-torque, brushless, hub-driven
    • Throttle: Thumb-activated, variable-speed, paddle controlled
    • Brake: Thumb-activated paddle and rear-fender controlled
    • Grips: Prism-shaped design, molded in soft rubberMotor: Kick-to-start, high-torque, brushless, hub-driven
    • Downtube: Aluminum, featuring patent-pending anti-rattle folding mechanism
    • Razor’s most sophisticated electric scooter offers a sleek design, high-torque, brushless hub motor, and a large, pneumatic (air filled) front tire for the smoothest ride around.
    • Throttle with thumb-activated, variable-speed, paddle control puts the power at your fingertips!
    • Get where you’re going in style, reaching speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km/h) for up to 40 minutes of continuous use!
    • Sturdy, aluminum frame and adjustable-height handlebars support riders up to 200 pounds (91 kg).
    • Large 8” (200 mm), pneumatic (air filled) front tyre and 8” (200 mm), airless, flat-free rear tire soften even the roughest terrain for a smooth ride, every time.
    • Includes patent-pending, anti-rattle, folding technology.
    Video Showing The Razor E-Prime Air Electric Scooter In Action
  • Cycle Locks Clearance Sale!

    Up to 50% Off a range of cycle locks and chain available now!

    Oxford Cycle Lock OF173 Bike D Lock
    Oxford Magnum U-Lock (180x340mm) OF173 Reduced from £54.99, now just £29.99!

    Is Your Lock Up To The Job?

    With the cost of electric bikes increasing, the last thing you want is your pride and joy being stolen. Make sure you secure your ebike with an approved lock that will do the job. Cycle locks are rated as to their toughness.

    Bronze – Ideal for short journeys in to town where bikes will be left within sight, but not within reach

    Silver – They tend to be more secure and will prevent a 3 minute prolonged attempt to steal your electric bike. Hopefully a passerby would have interrupted the attempted cycle theft and the would be ebike thief scarpers empty handed.

    Gold – These cycle locks tend to be far more expensive and heavy. These products will withstand a thief for up to 5 minutes with all conceivable tools, during which time it is hoped they would either be put off and leave, or be disturbed. They are meant for the long term parking of your electric bike or electric trike such as places of work where the bike will be locked up all day. You may want to consider leaving your lock attached to the fixing point if it is a daily locking point, thus meaning you aren’t carrying a heavy cycle chain to and from work everyday!

    Oxford Alarm D Cycle Lock
    Oxford Lock Alarm-D Max Duo 320mm X 173mm LK357 was £64.99, now just £44.99!

    Carefully Choose Where You Park Your Electric Bike

    Where you leave your electric bike can greatly reduce the chances of it being stolen.

    • Lock your ebike in busy areas such as high streets or reception areas.
    • Lock it to something that has both ends securely attached or bolted the the wall or the floor.
    • Don’t lock your electric bike where it blocks access for prams and pushchairs, or on to railings that specifically say NO BIKE PARKING!
    • Use well lite areas that are well visable.
    Oxford Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Chain Lock 1.2m LK107 was £29.99, now £24.99!

    For the full range of electric bike cycle security, please click on the link below.

    Master Lock 8023 Euro Cycle Lock Chain
    Click on the image for a full range of electric bike and electric trike security options.
  • Powabyke Battery Recell and Recycle

    Battery for the Powabyke Shopper 2002 Model Electric Bike

    Powabyke still have thousands of electric bikes on the UK roads with some dating back over 20 years! The Somerset based electric bike company still supply many parts for the older generation bikes including the original lead acid battery cells. Prices start at £149 for a set of 3 lead acid batteries that fit inside the case such as the Shopper bike battery pictured above.

    Lead acid battery cell that fits inside the case of the Powabyke Shopper Electric Bikes

    The three 12v lead acid cells are wired up giving you 36v. The volts give you the power, while the amps give you the range. So a 7.2amp battery will give you approx 10-15 miles unassisted, while a 15amp battery will give you 30-40 miles unassisted. Please note though, there are many varying factors that affect range:

    • Size of rider/load being carried
    • Head winds
    • Hills
    • Tyre pressure
    • Air temperature
    • Temperature of battery when charging
    • Age of battery
    • Rider effort
    • Urban cycling vs long country cycling (stopping and starting frequently in a city environment will reduce range as the initial acceleration draws a lot more power compared to a bike that is travelling continuously at the maximum speed).
    Battery for the Powabyke Euro and Commuter Range of Electric Bikes

    Many of the old lead acid batteries can also be updated to lithium by an approved Powabyke Agent. Why not call Powabyke to discuss the options and prices. This service is what helps keep Powabyke electric bikes riding around the roads of the UK and beyond!

    For more details call 01761 568085 or email sales@powabyke.com

    Remember it is not only Powabyke electric bikes that we can supply parts for a repair, it is also many other brands. We have even fitted batteries to golf buggies and mobility scooters to help out some locals!

  • Servicing and Repairs

    Electric Bike Servicing and Repairs

    Powabyke UK Ltd are please to offer a full electric bike repair service from our Somerset warehouse.

    We are now able to repair and supply parts for a wide range of electric bikes and brands, try us out! Call us today to see if we can help! From Powabyke to Freego, Wisper, Batribike, Raleigh, Volt, Dawes, Byocycle, Carrera and Westhill


     Battery upgrades


     Throttle/electrical repairs


     Fault finding and diagnostics


     Charger replacements


     General servicing

    All types of Battery upgrades available

    Battery Upgrades

    Many batteries are still available for older bikes up to 20 years old. Some will be like for like replacements, many will now be upgraded giving you a higher performance with a far greater range than the originals. Technology is improving all the time allowing us to offer these upgrades! 


    Call us today and see what we can offer you!  Or simply pop in and say hello! Our address is Powabyke UK Ltd, Gate 1 Trident Works, Temple Cloud, Bristol, Somerset, BS39 5AZ.

  • Time To Upgrade your old Powabyke!

    Powabyke models over the years dating back to 1998! Oh how electric bikes have evolved!

    Up to £200* off a NEW Powabyke when you Trade in ANY ELECTRIC BIKE**…

    New year, new you, new bike? Treat yourself this spring to a new Powabyke and get up to £200* off when you trade in your old model.

    It’s not just Powabyke’s that we will trade in now either! Contact us today and we will make an offer for whatever electric bike you are looking to upgrade! All we request is that it is working or in a reasonable condition. 

    Powabyke are relaunching the very popular Trade In Scheme that has been running for the last 6 years. Owners are invited to visit our Somerset warehouse or email pictures of their old electric bikes for evaluation and you will be offered up to £200* off the price of a new Powabyke.

    * Dependant upon age and condition of your old bike or trike

    ** At the discrection of Powabyke, figure may vary depending upon the condition of bike.

    Email sales@powabyke.com a picture of your electric bike and see what it is worth!

    Westminster W100 in the fields of lavender in Faulkland Somerset
    Westminster W100 electric bike in the fields of lavender in Faulkland Somerset

    This shiny new Powabyke W100 electric bike could be yours for just £1099 when you trade your old electric bike in for a new one.

    For more details call us on 01761 568085 or pop in to our warehouse for a chat! We are located 10 miles south of Bristol on the A37 on the beautiful Mendip Hills of Somerset!

  • Try A Powabyke At Home!

    Looking to buy, but not sure what electric bike you want?

    Powabyke will come to your home with a range of bikes to try before you buy.

    We realise buying a bike is not easy, especially when there are so many options and the decision process can be endless. At Powabyke we aim to make it as easy as possible. We ask you what type of bike you want, what you plan to use it for, and how much you want to spend! Then we do the rest! We choose a couple of models that we think you will like and suit your needs, then bring them to YOUR home so can try them where you feel most comfortable. 

    This is a service Powabyke provide, there’s no obligation to buy, and the cost of the home demo is deducted from the purchase of the bike if you proceed with the transaction.

    Call us today on 01761 568085 to discuss your at home no obligation demonstration! Or email sales@powabyke.com with any questions. Priced at just £100, this is a great way to try an electric bike at your convenience!

    Powabyke Folding electric bike F100DX looking out to Pultney Bridge in Bath
  • FreeGo Replacement Batteries Coming Soon

    Stock of 10.4amp and 15.6amp FreeGo Batteries

    New stocks due to arrive in 3 weeks. We will have both the 10.4amp FreeGo battery and the 15.6amp FreeGo battery coming in. All are 36v and using Samsung battery cells. These will be complete batteries in cases and suitable for all models, Eagle, Hawk, Regency and Folding bike models. They will come complete with the rail and base to upgrade older versions of the previously mentioned models.

    Place An Order!

    Replacement FreeGo Battery

    36v 10.4 Amp Battery

    • 36v 10.4amp Lithium battery
    • Suitable for all recent models
      Suitable for older models as supplied with rail and base plate
    • Samsung battery cells
    • FreeGo Hawk, Regency, Folding and Eagle models
    • SRP £349
    • 25-30 mile range**

    36v 15.6 Amp Battery

    • 36v 15.6amp Lithium battery
    • Suitable for all recent models
    • Suitable for older models as supplied with rail and base plate
    • Samsung battery cells
    • FreeGo Hawk, Regency, Folding and Eagle models
    • SRP £479
    • 40-50 mile range**

    *Older models will require the fitting of the rail and base plate

    ** Range dependent upon size of rider, rider effort, assist level, hills, headwind, air temperature, tyre pressure, terrain.

    ***FreeGo Chargers Now Available!!***

  • E-bike incentives “over twice as effective” as e-car grants

    EBikes are still not receiving the publicity required and what they deserve. Changing the minds and attitudes of a car loving nation won’t happen over night. Read Bikebiz’ take on the subject.

    E-bike incentives “over twice as effective” as e-car grants

    8th July 2019 BusinessHighlight

    The UK is falling behind when it comes to green transport because it is failing to promote electric pedalling alongside electric cars, the Bicycle Association (BA) has said.

    Backed up by research from consultancy Transport for Quality of Life, the BA has argued that incentives to boost e-bikes are better-value, more equitable and healthier than subsidising the purchase of electric cars, and could potentially achieve change more quickly.

    The research shows that the cost of saving a kilogram of CO2 via schemes to boost e-bikes is less than half the cost of existing grants for electric cars and at a cost per purchase of less than one-tenth of the grant for electric cars.

    The BA believes that electric vehicles will play a key role in decarbonising all forms of transport, but argues that e-bikes should be a top priority for urgent Government support. The findings will be launched at a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group in the Houses of Parliament today, attended by numerous MPs, officials and decision-makers.

    The evidence shows that around half of all trips by e-bike replace a trip that would have been made by car. E-bikes are also used for longer trips than conventional bikes, so their potential to reduce carbon emissions, air pollution and congestion is greater. Unlike electric cars, which tackle pollution but do not tackle congestion, e-bikes are ready now for mass adoption, the BA has said.

    Steve Garidis, executive director of the BA said: “The time is right for national Government and city regions to kick-start wider e-bike uptake with purchase incentive schemes. The results in terms of CO2 and congestion reduction will be fast and at a remarkably low cost – a game-changer in clean urban transport.”

    Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester walking and cycling commissioner said: “I can see the huge potential of e-bikes, they are the perfect tool to entice many people, who don’t want to be a cyclist, out of the car. I wholeheartedly support any measures that make that choice easier and I am very keen that Greater Manchester becomes the first Demo Region to pilot measures to give people this viable alternative to driving. I will work with both the industry and government to explore how we make that happen as quickly as possible.”

    Alongside advocating purchase incentives for personal e-bikes, the BA has also argued that there’s a huge potential to build on the existing Department for Transport grants scheme for electric cargo bikes, which can carry up to 250kg of cargo around cities and replace nearly one in three delivery trips by van.

    In a second report commissioned by the BA from Transport for Quality of Life, evidence shows that up to 30% of commercial van journeys in urban areas could be substituted by e-cargo bike deliveries, with significant scope to reduce congestion and air pollution. Among the measures called for in the report are ‘Demonstration Cities’. These could trial e-cargo bike logistics, encourage public sector procurement of e-cargo bike services, provide community e-cargo bikes for public use and help develop best practice for a future national roll-out.

    Credit to Bikebiz for the article

  • Royal Mail to Trial Electric Tricycle

    Royal Mail with their fleet of Electric Tricycles

    Royal Mail are set to trial electronic tricycles for deliveries in and around urban areas with the hope of cutting it’s Carbon Dioxide emissions within these areas.

    Beginning in late March, the trial will see postal staff using electronic tricycles in Stratford in East London, Cambridge and Sutton Coldfield.

    The vehicles are powered partially by a combination of pedal, solar, battery and brake technology. They are 1.2m wide and around 2m high, able to accommodate letters and the majority of parcels.

    The trial will last 6 months and if successful, the electric tricycles will be rolled out across the country.

    Two electric trikes ready to trial

    As quoted in Engineering and Technology publication, David Gold, director of public affairs and policy at Royal Mail said: “As a company, we are committed to making changes to our operations which reduce our environmental impact, whilst ensuring we continue to meet customer expectations.

    “Alongside our ongoing transformation programme and the introduction of electric vans in locations across our business, this trial is part of a programme of initiatives across our business that will ensure we can continue to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and responsibly.”

    Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, said: “I’m delighted that Royal Mail is trialling e-trikes which will take polluting vehicles off our streets, helping to reduce congestion and clean up London’s toxic air.

    “I hope this trial will be extended and other delivery companies follow Royal Mail’s lead so that many more communities can benefit.”

    Electric tricycles are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also allow for more storage and have the ability to stop and start as the rider pleases.

    Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, said the e-trikes would “take polluting vehicles off our streets – helping to reduce congestion and clean up London’s toxic air.”

    He called on other delivery companies to follow Royal Mail’s lead.

    The company also currently has a fleet of 100 electric vans, which it plans to expand in the future.