• Top Tips To Winter Proof Your Bike

    Winter can be a depressing time for a cyclist, and getting cold, wet and muddy does not help! There are things that you can do to improve the quality of time you have on the roads:

    Clothes – Wearing the appropriate clothes can not only keep you warm and dry. The best way to do this is to layer up, so if temperatures change, then you can adapt too. Thermal layers as well as waterproof outers will keep you warm and dry. Try overshoes to keep your toes warm, also thermal gloves to protect your fingers, and thermal face and neck masks to keep the chills at bay!

    Cyclist wrapped up nice and warm

    Mudguards – It sounds silly, and may reduce the coolness of your ride, but mudguards will will stop you getting mud and water splattered up your backside! This in turn will keep you warm and dry! Luckily most Powabykes come fitted with mudguards as standard!

    Muddy cyclist covered in mud

    Lights – Being seen is crucial, especially when the mornings and evenings are dark, and the afternoons are often dreary, visibility is paramount. Make sure you fit a decent set of LED lights to your bike. Keep them charged regulary so you don’t lose brightness, or carry a spare set of batteries so you can change them on the move. Increasingly lights are being fitted as standard on ebikes these days, but it doesn’t hurt to have a secondary lighting system to help give oncoming drivers a perspective of where you are.

    A Cyclist lights the road ahead with bright lights

    Tyres – Use tyres that give you that little bit of extra grip. Yes I’m afraid you may lose some of that top speed or range on an ebike, and it may also feel harder to ride, but ultimately anything you can do to help improve your bike’s grip is surely a good thing? You can also try reducing tyre pressure by a few lbs to improve grip. Remember wet leaves, mud and puddles could be just around the corner! You may want to think about fitting puncture resistant tyres as well, these are great for reducing the risk of punctures with the increased debris found on roads during the winter months.

    Schwalbe Maxxis Kenda Panaracer Tyres

    Winter Cleaning – This is crucial for the longevity of parts. Dirt, salt, mud and water are a bad mix for cyclists, so by keeping your bikes clean, you will in turn increase the life of chains, derailleurs, cranks, bottom brackets, brakes etc. There are loads of websites telling you how to clean a bike, This is a video from Cycling Weekly showing you the basics.

  • Evans Cycles Shop Front Sports Direct Acquire Evans Cycles

    Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley has taken control of all 61 of Evans Cycles stores. The troubled chain has been seeking £10m investment in recent months as reported in Bikebiz. 


    Sports Direct Shop Front

    With falling profits the chain needed investment and restructure. Sports Direct have stepped in and is reported it will shut 31 stores as part of it’s restructuring.


    Evans Cycles Shop Front

    Powabyke electric bikes were the first electric bikes the Evans chain stocked back in 2011 but it proved too early in the electric bike revolution and was greeted with cautious protest by instore staff. Evans pulled out of the electric bike market for a few years before returning amid increasing popularity and demand, and today electric bikes are a major source of revenue and profit for Evans Cycles.

    Today 1300 members of staff will go about their day to day business awaiting any final decisions on branch closures.

    “We are pleased to have rescued the Evans Cycles brand,” Sports Direct chief executive Mike Ashley said.

    “However, in order to save the business we only believe we will be able to keep 50 per cent of stores open in the future.

    “Unfortunately some stores will have to close.”

    Mike Ashley




  • Budget Day 2018

    So today the Rt Hon Philip Hammond is set to deliver the Autumn Budget for 2018. It is usually delivered on the last Wednesday of the month but the Chancellor feared the national press would use Halloween references to rip the Budget apart with headlines such as “Hammond Horror” or “A Nightmare on Downing Street”!

    This is the last Budget before Brexit and it is rumoured that there will be no major shocks. There will no doubt be the usual increase in alcohol duties and tobacco duties, but it will be the online retailers that the Chancellor is under increasing pressure to introduce a digital tax. Further investment is thought to be announced to plough money in to the high street. This would go a short way to help save the High Street and our beloved local independents, whilst also ensuring the jobs for tens of thousands of people working there.

    It is also understood that the Chancellor will announce a massive increase in spending on the UK roads over the next 5 years with spending thought to be close to £29.0bn, with £420m of that expected to be used directly towards tackling potholes. This is great news for the cyclist with extra cycle lanes being built and safer roads for cyclists to ride. Cycling is up over 80% in major towns and Cities and this investment will go some way to help improve the infrastructure.

    All eyes will be on Philip Hammond come 15.30 today! We will update key facts as they happen…

    UPDATES BELOW (source BBC):

    • The state of the economy

      • Era of austerity is “finally coming to an end”
      • 2018 growth forecast upgraded from 1.3% to 1.6%
      • Growth forecast of 1.4%, 1.4%, 1.5% and 1.6% in four subsequent years
      • 3.3 million more people in work since 2010
      • Wages growth at its highest in nearly a decade

      The state of the public finances

      • Public borrowing in 2018 to be £11.6bn lower than forecast in March, representing 1.2% of gross domestic product, (GDP) the total value of goods produced and services provided
      • Borrowing forecast to fall in subsequent years to £31.8bn, £26.7bn. £23.8bn, £20.8bn and £19.8bn
      • Debt as share of GDP to fall from 85.2% in 2016-17 to 83.7% this year and to 74.1% by 2023-24


      • Extra £500m for preparations for leaving the EU
      • Spring Statement next March could be upgraded to full Budget if needed
      • A commemorative 50p coin to mark the UK’s departure from the EU (announced on 29 October)

      Alcohol, tobacco and fuel

      • Beer, cider and spirits duties to be frozen
      • Wine duty to rise in line with inflation
      • Tobacco duty will continue to rise by inflation plus 2%
      • Fuel duty to be frozen for ninth year in a row (announced on 3 October)

      Personal taxation and wages

      Stamp duty and housing

      • All shared equity purchases of up to £500,000 to be exempt from stamp duty
      • £500m for the Housing Infrastructure Fund, designed to enable a further 650,000 homes to be built
      • Lettings relief limited to properties where the owner is in shared occupancy with the tenant

      Welfare and pensions

      Defence and security

      • An extra £160m for counter-terrorism police
      • An extra £1bn for armed forces, for cyber-capabilities and the UK’s new nuclear submarine programme
      • £10m for mental health care for veterans, to mark the centenary of World War One Armistice
      • £1.7m in education programmes to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, in northern Germany

      Business and digital

      • New digital services tax on UK revenues of big technology companies, from April 2020
      • Profitable companies with global sales of more than £500m will be eligible
      • Private finance initiative (PFI) contracts to be abolished in future
      • New centre of excellence to manage existing deals “in the taxpayer’s interest”
      • Annual investment allowance to be increased from £200,000 to £1m for two years
      • Contribution of small companies to apprenticeship levy to be reduced from 10% to 5%
      • Business rates bill for companies with a rateable value of £51,000 or less to be cut by third over two years
      • Measure to benefit 90% of independent companies, cutting bill by £8,000
      • £900m in business rates relief for small businesses and £650m to rejuvenate High Streets
      • New mandatory business rates relief for all lavatories made available for public use, whether publicly or privately owned
      • Extending changes to the way self-employment status is taxed, from the public sector to medium and large private companies, from 2020

      Education and health (England only)

      • Confirmation of an extra £20.5bn for the NHS over the next five years
      • A minimum extra £2bn a year for mental health services
      • New mental health crisis centre, providing support in every accident and emergency unit in the country
      • An extra £700m for councils, for care for the elderly and those with disabilities
      • £10m for air ambulances
      • A one-off £400m “bonus” to help schools buy “the little extras they need”

      Transport, infrastructure and culture

      • A £30bn package for England’s roads, including repairs to motorways and potholes (announced on 27 October)
      • A 30% growth in infrastructure spending
      • Opening the use of e-passport gates at airports – currently available to people from Europe – to those from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan

      Environment and energy

      • A new tax on non-recycled plastic packaging
      • No tax on takeaway coffee cups but this will be reconsidered if the industry doesn’t make enough progress
      • £60m for planting trees in England
      • £10m to deal with abandoned waste sites
  • AM to PM with Frank Curran


    AM to PM with Frank Curran

    AM to PM is your exclusive insight into the busy schedules of some of Bath and Somerset’s top professionals.

    Frank Curran is Managing Director of Powabyke – a Somerset-based electric bikecompany established in 1997. Powabyke has sold over 45,000 bikes in the UK and also sells conversion kits, allowing regular push bikes to be converted to electric.

    With demand increasing year on year, electric bikes will make up nearly a third of the UK bike market by the end of 2019, meaning more busy times ahead for Frank and the Powabyke team.

    What time do you get up?

    It varies on what I am doing that day, if I’m office based (which is just over a mile away) then as late as 8am. A couple of times a week though I am out and about visiting bike dealerships and suppliers so it can be as early as 4.30am depending upon my destination.

    What helps you to get your day off on the right foot?

    A hot shower first thing in the morning without fail. I don’t have any other routines that need adhering to. I try and keep everything as simple as possible.

    What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office?

    The kettle is on before I’ve even turned on my computer, I’m a bit of a coffee-holic! Then it’s sit down time and reply to emails for the first hour whilst enjoying a strong coffee.

    What bit of kit/tech helps your day run smoothly?

    I’m not a tech head at all really, yes I have a tablet, but I’m not reliant upon it. I suppose the iPhone is the one thing I’m always checking and would struggle to be without during the day. It’s great to clear emails and non-urgent stuff, whilst also convenient for quick website browsing.

    Where’s your favourite place to go for lunch? 

    Being based in the middle of the countryside there’s not a lot of options. On the occasions I do venture out, then I cycle to Chew Valley Lake and take my lunch with me. It’s a great way to clear the mind and helps relax me. It’s also a good way to test bikes or incorporate an impromptu photo shoot as there are some lovely scenic views en route.

    What is the best part about your job?

    Being my own boss without a doubt! I enjoy the variety the job brings, one minute I may be converting a tricycle to electric, then the next I’m thinking about the pictures and wording of products for a new brochure. Of course it’s not all glamorous, quite often I’m covered in oil and muck having done a service on a Powabyke!

    What does a typical day involve?

    Each day comes naturally. With the variety of roles I have there’s always something different to work on. Once we’re up to date with the picking and packing of orders, we may then look at planning our stand for The Cycle Show, or research potential new bike models to enhance the Powabyke range.

    How do you unwind after work?

    I tend to head up to Farrington Park Golf course and hit a few balls on the driving range, or play 9 holes of golf depending on how much time I have. Anything in and around the golf course is a great way for me to unwind including a trip to the 19th hole for a cheeky beer afterwards.

    To find out more about Powabyke visit: www.powabyke.com

  • Hire a Powabyke

    Hire a Powabyke

    Are you new to the world of electric bikes? Not sure an electric bike is what you want? Well now you can hire a Powabyke to see if it is the answer you’ve been looking for! From just £30 per day or for a full week at just £100, give us a ring and see what we can do for you. If you go ahead with a purchase of a Powabyke, then you will get the cost of the hire refunded back to you!

    1 day hire £30

    2 day hire £50

    4 day hire £70

    7 day hire £100

    Powabyke hire allows you to experience the power of an electric bike in your own time giving you the perfect opportunity to try an electric bike in a hassle free environment and place you choose to go. Be it to try your route to work and home, to taking it away for a few days and try in on holiday at your own leisure.

    The bikes will be the latest models from Powabyke, we have a range to suit all requirements! They are supplied fully assembled and charged ready to ride so you can start riding straight away. You must be over the age of 18 to hire, a returnable deposit is required to cover loss or damaged of the hire bikes and photographic ID will be required before the bikes are handed over. For full T&C, see attached. Collection and drop off times run Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. Other times are available but require prior confirmation. Collection is from our warehouse:

    Powabyke UK Ltd, Gate 1 Trident Works, Temple Cloud, Bristol, BS39 5AZ

    Powabyke UK Ltd Bicycle Hire Agreement

    Simply download and complete the form and return to Powabyke UK Ltd via post or email sales@powabyke.com. Call 01761 568085 with any queries or questions you may have.

  • Powabyke Logo - The original electric bike New website is finally live!

    So today is the big day… NEW WEBSITE GOES LIVE! While we are ecstatic with everything so far, we know there may be a few glitches so bear with us! We hope to get these smoothed out as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please check back periodically as new stuff is uploaded. Until next time…

  • New Website

    Now we have a face that that does justice in our effort to bring clean transport system to you.

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