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With 20 years experience the Powabyke range of electric bikes has evolved from the early pioneering days of heavy lead acid batteries and cumbersome steel frames into producing advanced lightweight nimble alloy frames with powerful Lithium Battery technology.

In 2018 Powabyke celebrated its 20th anniversary and now boasts a range of electric bikes to suit everyone’s pockets with the Shopper E100 starting at just £699.

With over 45,000 Powabykes sold, the Powabyke brand has proved itself as a no nonsense reliable electric bike and remains committed to service whether for new sales or servicing the thousands of Powabykes already on the road. With the introduction of the conv-e electric conversion kit designed in 2010 in the UK we can now also offer conversions of customer owned standard bikes into electric, and the newly launched crank drive electric bikes from MBM offer something to those who want just a little bit more from their electric bike.

With a full spares back up service at our combined warehouse and office facility near Bristol we are proud to be the longest established electric bike brand in Europe.

Powabyke is actively recruiting International partners and if you are interested in representing the Powabyke brand in your Country, please contact us.


Both Frank and Keith believe that service is key in supporting both their dealers and Powabyke owners and have a very hands on approach to the end goal of keeping even the oldest of Powabyke models operating at their very best. They also continue to innovate with new models and improvements to existing products always under way.

UK sales of Powabyke are managed by Frank Curran and Keith Palmer, who both have a rich and long history with electric bikes. Frank joined Powabyke in 2000, the early days of electric bikes, predominantly involved with the sales of the first Powabyke models namely the Shopper and Euro. He soon gained loyal dealers throughout the UK and became the top salesman within the twelve strong sales team. He spent over four years on the road visiting dealerships and creating a large number of Powabyke stockists and he is still on first name terms with most of them. His knowledge of the dealer and customers requirements has been gained through his experiences face to face with shop owners and their customers together with numerous exhibitions and public shows over the years.

Keith joined Powabyke in 1998 and was there at the very inception. He has seen and been involved in the electric bikes growth in numbers and bike evolution from the very first electric bike imported through to the XBYKE range of today. His design work is evident through the Powabyke models and in the industry in general. In 2010 Keith left Powabyke, started WAW Associates Ltd and began to develop the conv-e conversion Kit that is now sold through Powabyke.

Why go Electric with Powabyke

Joy and Usefulness

Over the years the Powabyke team have experienced the joy and usefulness that electric bikes bring to peoples lives whether it be recovering from a knee operation and need that bit of help or the freedom an electric bike brings to someone who thought they would never ride again because of illness or simply getting older. Powabyke has seen Asthma sufferers smile with joy as they motor down the road and MS sufferers speed away on an electric trike converted using the conv-e.

Change Lives

We know what we do can change lives and we respect our responsibility to keep those owners serviced through the dealer network always keeping spares and help at hand. The eco side of electric bikes has always been recognised by Powabyke and  surveys through the owner data-base backs up all our beliefs.

Eco Friendly

Good citizens understand that if they can replace a car journey by using an electric bike then it does make a difference in so many ways… fuel usage, gas emissions, safety, fitness, well being to name a few. The Powabyke team are dedicated to the electric bike industry and progressing the models to match industry advances and challenges.

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