Powabyke Battery Recell and Recycle

Battery for the Powabyke Shopper 2002 Model Electric Bike

Powabyke still have thousands of electric bikes on the UK roads with some dating back over 20 years! The Somerset based electric bike company still supply many parts for the older generation bikes including the original lead acid battery cells. Prices start at £149 for a set of 3 lead acid batteries that fit inside the case such as the Shopper bike battery pictured above.

Lead acid battery cell that fits inside the case of the Powabyke Shopper Electric Bikes

The three 12v lead acid cells are wired up giving you 36v. The volts give you the power, while the amps give you the range. So a 7.2amp battery will give you approx 10-15 miles unassisted, while a 15amp battery will give you 30-40 miles unassisted. Please note though, there are many varying factors that affect range:

  • Size of rider/load being carried
  • Head winds
  • Hills
  • Tyre pressure
  • Air temperature
  • Temperature of battery when charging
  • Age of battery
  • Rider effort
  • Urban cycling vs long country cycling (stopping and starting frequently in a city environment will reduce range as the initial acceleration draws a lot more power compared to a bike that is travelling continuously at the maximum speed).
Battery for the Powabyke Euro and Commuter Range of Electric Bikes

Many of the old lead acid batteries can also be updated to lithium by an approved Powabyke Agent. Why not call Powabyke to discuss the options and prices. This service is what helps keep Powabyke electric bikes riding around the roads of the UK and beyond!

For more details call 01761 568085 or email sales@powabyke.com

Remember it is not only Powabyke electric bikes that we can supply parts for a repair, it is also many other brands. We have even fitted batteries to golf buggies and mobility scooters to help out some locals!

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