Cycle Locks Clearance Sale!

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Oxford Cycle Lock OF173 Bike D Lock
Oxford Magnum U-Lock (180x340mm) OF173 Reduced from £54.99, now just £29.99!

Is Your Lock Up To The Job?

With the cost of electric bikes increasing, the last thing you want is your pride and joy being stolen. Make sure you secure your ebike with an approved lock that will do the job. Cycle locks are rated as to their toughness.

Bronze – Ideal for short journeys in to town where bikes will be left within sight, but not within reach

Silver – They tend to be more secure and will prevent a 3 minute prolonged attempt to steal your electric bike. Hopefully a passerby would have interrupted the attempted cycle theft and the would be ebike thief scarpers empty handed.

Gold – These cycle locks tend to be far more expensive and heavy. These products will withstand a thief for up to 5 minutes with all conceivable tools, during which time it is hoped they would either be put off and leave, or be disturbed. They are meant for the long term parking of your electric bike or electric trike such as places of work where the bike will be locked up all day. You may want to consider leaving your lock attached to the fixing point if it is a daily locking point, thus meaning you aren’t carrying a heavy cycle chain to and from work everyday!

Oxford Alarm D Cycle Lock
Oxford Lock Alarm-D Max Duo 320mm X 173mm LK357 was £64.99, now just £44.99!

Carefully Choose Where You Park Your Electric Bike

Where you leave your electric bike can greatly reduce the chances of it being stolen.

  • Lock your ebike in busy areas such as high streets or reception areas.
  • Lock it to something that has both ends securely attached or bolted the the wall or the floor.
  • Don’t lock your electric bike where it blocks access for prams and pushchairs, or on to railings that specifically say NO BIKE PARKING!
  • Use well lite areas that are well visable.
Oxford Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Chain Lock 1.2m LK107 was £29.99, now £24.99!

For the full range of electric bike cycle security, please click on the link below.

Master Lock 8023 Euro Cycle Lock Chain
Click on the image for a full range of electric bike and electric trike security options.

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