• Titania EBike close up Book a Test Ride and Discover the Benefits of E-Cycling in 2019

    As soon as the Christmas and new year festivities are behind us, inevitably thoughts will start turning towards the 2019 health kick and fitness regime.

    No doubt you’ll be drowning in ‘New Year, New You’ blogs as soon as 2019 starts – which is why we wanted to get ours in first!

    Whilst the sentiment of getting fit is to be applauded, it’s important to make sure the changes you make are realistic. Often people go in too hard and make too many promises to themselves, exercising too much before giving up sometime before the end of January.

    At Powabyke we believe in a sustainable approach to fitness.

    Making small lifestyle changes that can help you feel a little healthier and happier are much more likely to become part of your day to day routine and can help you achieve your long-term fitness goals.

    We firmly believe that e-bikes can help you do this and open the door to cycling for those who require a little extra assistance.

    To back this up, research has shown that people using e-bikes are more likely to cycle more and that modern electric cycles have an important health enhancing role to play.

    We would say that these are some of the key benefits of e-bikes in relation to fitness:

    1. Confidence in the saddle – an electric bike will give you peace of mind that those hills, or that distance, are within your capability, breaking down that mental barrier to exercise.
    2. An extra boost when you need it – if it’s been a while since you’ve been out on two-wheels, an e-bike can help you to ensure you don’t overstretch yourself and cycle beyond your limits, giving assistance when needed for tired legs.
    3. They’re great fun – if you’re enjoying it, it won’t feel like exercise and you’ll want to get out more and more.

    At Powabyke we stock a comprehensive range of e-bikes that will help you to get out and about, cover distances you’re comfortable with and give you the confidence to cycle more.

    If you’re looking for the new bike to match the new you, we recently signed a deal with leading Italian bike manufacturer MBM to bring their sleek, lightweight e-bikes to the UK through our network of distributors. Now is the perfect time to visit your local dealer and book a test ride so you can get back in the saddle and ready to pedal your way to fitness in 2019.

    For information about our network of local dealers visit https://powabyke.com/dealers/