Battery Charger for the Carrera Crosscity folding electric bike
36v Battery Charger Powabyke F100 Folding Electric bike
36v Battery Charger for Carrera Crosscity Folding Electric bike
Battery Charger for the Carrera Crosscity folding electric bike

Charger for Vitesse Force / Vigour / Pharos Electric Bikes

Original price was: £89.99.Current price is: £69.99.

36v Charger for Vitesse Force, Vigour and Pharos Electric Bikes.


Replacement charger for the Vitesse range of electric bikes. Also includes a UK plug.

  • Small single pin plug connection again for simple plug in fit
  • Suitable for 36v Vitesse Force, Vigour and Pharos electric bikes.
  • Red light shows charging, green light shows charged, additionally the charger will get warm when charging
  • CE marked
  • 42.0v output 2.0A

This charger is lightweight and easy to transport, therefore ideal for taking with you on the move. Simply plug your charger into the battery and get a quick 30 minute top up, or if you have the time, completely recharge your battery giving the full range again and freedom of the roads! The battery can be charged either in situ in the bike, or simply remove the battery and charge it at a convenient location, be it at the office desk, or while visiting friends giving you piece of mind that the battery has charged fully.


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