Powatryke Cruiser Deluxe


The new Powatrykes deliver an outstanding combination of good designs and robust technology. This Deluxe version gives you all of the benfits of the Powatryke Cruiser, but with some added extras!



The new frame now incorporates an ultra low step-through design, making it convenient to mount and dismount. Its 15 mph top speed also makes it ‘quick and easy’ to reach the shops, go to work or for visiting friends and family.

The Powatryke has been in production since 2001 and with the latest development and upgrades it is the most reliable three wheel electric urban run-around on the market.

The Powatryke now sports a 6-speed Shimano gear-set, with V-brakes fitted as standard on the front and a band brake on the rear giving the three wheeler plenty of stopping power when needed. It is also fitted with parking brakes, a sprung comfort seat, and a spacious rear luggage basket as standard allowing you to carry sizeable loads. For convenience when out and about, the tricycle is just 29.5 inches (75 cm) wide allowing it to fit through most doors. You even have the choice for where you would like the battery mounted, on the frame or in the rear basket.

Powatrykes are a proven pedigree with an excellent track record as a Mobility vehicle for those users who don’t require the usual more restricted and expensive Mobility vehicles, but prefer the freedom of the road that a Powatryke offers.

Choosing your Tricycle

You are now able to customise your trike to suit your needs…

The tricycles come in a choice of wheel sizes – 20” or 24”. The size you choose will generally be determined by the rider’s height. Having decided the right wheel size, you can choose where you would like the battery to be located. As standard they will come on the frame for ease of turning the electrics on and off, however you can also choose to mount the battery in the rear basket allowing you more room to mount and dismount the tricycle.

With this Deluxe version, it gives you the added features of an LCD display showing you speed, trip, time, distance travelled, battery level,  and finally allowing you to select your preferred level of top speed. This sets the top speed of the tricycle under power. Speeds vary from 3mph up to 15mph and increase at 3mph intervals. There is also an option to add a throttle, please speak to your local bike shop for details.


  • 250w High torque brushless motor
  • 36v 10amp Lithium battery
  • Weight just 30kg inc battery
  • Range 15-30 miles*
  • 20” or 24” wheel size
  • Rigid forks
  • Top speed 15mph
  • Comfortable gel saddle
  • 6 Speed Shimano gears
  • Pedal assist (Off road throttle option available**)
  • Ultra low step through frame (just 6” step over)
  • Large rear basket Length 53cm Width 45cm Depth 27cm (Largest dimension – it tapers) or bottom 46cm x 36cm x 24cm
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Full charge in just 4-5 hours


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