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Lead Acid Battery Set of 3 x 12v 12amp


Replacement 12amp lead acid battery cells for the older Euro, Shopper, Commuter and Classic model electric bikes. These will also fit Sakura electric bikes.

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A complete set of 3 x 12 volt 12 amp lead acid battery cells suitable for all classic Powabyke models. These are high rated, deep discharge lead acid battery cells and are designed to last and deal with the high demands that electric bikes put their batteries through. (Images may vary for battery cells supplied but the spec will be the same as listed)

Please note this is for the 12amp lead acid batteries. There is a listing also for 15amp with the difference being the range with the larger capacity battery giving you a 25% increase in range.


  • 12v battery cell (3 required giving you 36v)
  • 12amp
  • CSB branded for optimum performance and range
  • Size 93mm x 150mm x 98mm
  • Weight 4kg


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