Magnum Plus MagRobust Cable Lock, 185cmx20mm

Bike Lock Magnum Plus Mag Robust 185cm x 20mm


The Magnum Plus MagRobust Cable Lock, 185cmx20mm is lighter and easier to handle than chain locks!


Magnum Plus Cable 185×20 Key

  • X2P Double-Bolt locking mechanism
  • Z-Key cylinder featuring ‘DUMP-BLOCK’ offers optimum deterrent against physical attack
  • The lock case is encased in ultra-hardened steel to resist drilling or pulling
  • Includes 4 laser-cut keys plus 1 micro light key for night use
  • Key replacement service also available for additional keys
  • All Magnum Plus locks come with a Lifetime warranty which covers the original purchaser against manufacturers defects.

The Magnum Plus MagRobust Cable Lock, 185cmx20mm is lighter and easier to handle than chain locks! But never fear, although its lightweight, this cable lock still provides the extra protection of a heavy-duty twisted steel cable combined with the X2P Double-Bolt locking mechanism. The cable is vinyl coated to protect paint and finishes against scratches!


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