Pashley Tri-1 Tricycle Conversion

Pashley Tri-1 Tricycle conversion

Pashley Tri-1 Conv-e conversion

People often contact us want us to convert a trike or a bike that they have had for years and may no longer be able to pedal it without assistance. This Pashley Tri-1 was an example of that, the customer needed a bit of help so had a conversion done. The 20″ Front wheel was straight forward and fitted nicely in to the forks. It had grip shift gears so we fitted a thumb accelerator to it and located the battery behind the rear seat using our rack bracket system and extension cables. Now the customer can use their Pashley Tri-1 again with the confidence that they have instant power with a push of a lever.

Price in 2018:

Pashley Tri-1 £775-£825

Conv-e Kit £749

Extension cables and rack bracket £50

Labour £75

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Pashley Tri-1 Conv-e Conversion rear battery and basket