Mission Cycles Red Semi Recumbent Conversion

Red semi recumbent on the Isles of Scilly with conv-e conversion kit

This was a conversion done for a customer on the Isles of Scilly! We even delivered it personally! It required the front wheel to be spoked in to a 36 hole 16″ rim. Due to the length of the recumbent, we used our extension cables so the battery could be fitted behind the seat at the rear. It also needed a thumb throttle as the recumbent trike has 21 gears that uses grip shifts, so a standard hand twist throttle could not be fitted. It is such a comfortable ride and very easy to get on and off. We have done several of these conversions each tweaked to suit the customer’s requirements. Prices in 2018:

Semi Recumbent Trike £895

Conversion Kit £799

Wheel Build £70

Extra labour to assemble £40

Optional extras include self balancing pedal toe clips £43

For full details of the Mission Semi Recumbent Tricycle click here

Red Mission Cycles Semi Recumbent Trike fitted with Conv-e conversion kit

Semi Recumbent Tricycle