Electric Bike Survey

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Do you live in the UK, and have you ever used, or considered using, an e-bike (an electrically-assisted cycle with pedals)? If so, this survey is for you. The University for the West Of England are interested in your reponses even if you have not yet used an e-bike.

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The research is being carried out by the University of the West of England (UWE). It is part of a wider project (REPLICATE) with local trials of e-bikes and other modes of transport in Bristol, UK, and some other cities. If you would like any more information about the project please contact: steve.melia@uwe.ac.uk or caroline.bartle@uwe.ac.uk.

Your response to this survey will be anonymous unless you actively choose to provide contact details at the end of the survey. You will only be asked to provide contact details if you state your interest in being contactable by UWE for the purpose of helping with further research. 

Before starting the survey you must consent to our use of your response in line with our Privacy Notice

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